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GreetingsĀ 2012 Players

DEFENDING CHAMPIONS: Ann & Warren Mathson, Dave Nodine, Tom Halloran

Past Champions:
2010 Chris Benson, Steve Schmitz, Billy Schuet, Tessa Gillam
2009 Jasan Schirmer, Anne Smith, Jane Husband, Steve Linsmayer
2008 Todd Dvorak, David Green, Mark Sauter, Pat Delaney (2)
2007 Jason, Summer & Craig Hendrickson, Leif Kjorness, & Thomas Stenberg
2006 Christy & Harry Smith & Don & Dan Jernberg
2005 John & Theresa Weber, Britt Weber, & Kai Hovde
2004 Heather McGinty, Ross Olsen, Kevin Reed, & Rob Reed
2003 Dave Watson, Pat McCoy, Jeff Fischer, & Brian Badenhoff
2002 Jeff, Greg, Paul & Gladyce Riemer
2001 Don Cooke, Matt Cooke, Jon Wandrei, & Chris Dobberstein
2000 Todd Dvorak, David Green, Mark Sauter, & Pat Delaney
1999 Mike Stahl, Arnt Pederson, Lisa Tufvander, & David Watson

This tournament is set up to bring together the many of Adam’s friends to play a round of golf in his memory and to raise money for his scholarship fund that provides $2,000 renewable scholarships to two Hopkins High School seniors each year. The ability to help students with financial aid through Adam’s scholarship fund can be credited to you and the many sponsors and donors that have contributed to his fund in the past. This does not happen without your help, and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

If you didn’t already know, Adam loved golf, he loved his friends and he loved to have a good time. This is what this golf tournament is all about! Adam’s memory will always live on through this tournament, his friends and the everlasting impressions that he left on all of us.

We hope that you can join us on August 25, 2012 at Meadowbrook Golf Course. You will play one of the most enjoyable rounds of golf with Adam’s family and friends and then help us celebrate at that evening’s Awards Ceremony.

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